The Pitfalls of DIY External Boat Detailing

As summer approaches, boaties all over the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich plan to do a bit of DIY boat detailing so their pride and joy will be gleaming when they take it out on the water.

Boat detailing takes a lot of effort and if you don’t know the ins and outs of boat detailing, you may run the risk of making your boat look worse than when you started.

Here, Truck Washing Experts outline the pitfalls of DIY external boat detailing and why this is so often left to a professional boat detailing company to do:

  • Incorrect cleaning products

Boats are marine vessels, so need a specialist boat cleaning detergent to wash the hull with.

If the hull has light oxidisation, you need to apply a coat of cleaner wax and then seal it. If the hull has significant oxidisation, a more aggressive compound will be required to eliminate it.

Not knowing about marine oxidisation and the appropriate compounds required to restore the hull, can lead to you damaging it.

  • Incorrect techniques

Using harsh scrubbing brushes can damage the gel coating on your boat so a soft bristled brush must be used to clean it with.

When using compounds and buffing equipment on a boat, you need to apply the buffer at the right-angle and work in a cross hatch pattern as you can adversely affect the finish of the boat if you do this incorrectly.

As mentioned, there are several risks to attempting a DIY boat detail. Truck Washing Experts can externally detail your boat, without the risk of damaging the hull so it will sparkle and gleam as it cuts through the water.

Our boat detailing service to the external areas of your boat includes a:

  • High-pressure water clean
  • Dry
  • Buff
  • Polish

Truck Washing Experts boat detailing technicians use marine grade cleaning agents that are both high quality and environmentally friendly.

Our mobile boat detailing vehicles carry their own water and power so our professional boat detailing service is a convenient and cost saving alternative to you doing your own boat detailing.

Don’t take the risk of damaging your precious boat this summer. Call Truck Washing Experts on 1300 927 428 to book in for a boat detail at a time and location that suits you.

We service Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich and work after hours and on weekends for your convenience.