Boat Washing

Expert Boat Washing on The Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Brisbane

It is never good to leave your boat all dirtied up for a long time, but in the case that you don’t have time or the equipment to clean it, you can always get us to do it for you.

Don’t be fooled by our name because the Truck Washing Experts wash more than just trucks because that is just the start of what we do.

Truck Washing Experts also provide boat washing services and much more so that you can enjoy our professional services for almost anything.

Benefits of Boat Washing

Boat washing is not only great for keeping your boat clean, but also a good practice for prolonging the life of your boat and preventing unnecessary maintenance.

The longer a boat remains unclean, the sooner it can start to build up issues and this can start from nasty formations and eventually lead to damage, which is why you should have it washed.

We can clean any size of boat or houseboat and we also offer interior cleaning at affordable rates to make things more convenient.

Boat Washing for Boats That Are Dry Docked or Moored

Cleaning your boat might not prevent rusting, but it can certainly slow the process down by removing corrosive seawater.

The sun, sea, sand, and other elements all take their toll on your boat and with such a hefty investment, it’s important to look after it.

While it is advisable to have your boat cleaned from top to bottom, you can still get outstanding results in the water with the right process.

What Does Our Boat Washing On The Gold Coast Include?

Our boat detailing services include a wide variety of choices for you to bring your boat back to pristine condition.

• Using high pressure to remove barnacles and salt build-up

• High-pressure cleaning of all non-slip/skid areas, canvas, and vinyl

• Cleaning all windows

• Using only marine-approved chemicals to clean surfaces

General mould removal where necessary

Why Do I Need My Boat Washed?

• To keep your boat looking its best

• To keep rust at bay

• For better performance

• To get your boat ready for sale

How Often Should I Have My Boat Washed?

At the start of Spring, it is recommended that your boat washing service includes a wax and metal polish as well as treatments for materials.

Throughout the Spring and Summer months, you should look at having regular boat washes to prevent watermarks and other unwanted issues.

Where possible, rinse your boat after every use to remove salt water as this can eventually dry up and cause.

Keep Your Boat in Ship Shape

Our boat cleaning services will prolong the life of your boat and will keep it looking ship shape, so you don’t have to worry often about washing it yourself.

It is best to always tend to your boat now and then as this is a good way of making sure that it doesn’t develop problems that can lead to damage.

Maybe it’s time to give your boat the washing it deserves, call the Truck Washing Experts on 1300 927 428 for a boat washing service that will blow you out of the water.

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