Boat Detailing

Professional Boat Detailing in Gold Coast, Brisbane & Ipswich

Owning a boat is great and can be another kind of leisure for you to enjoy but when it comes to maintaining it, there are things you should not skip out on.

Boats will tend to get dirty from time to time and this can be both in and out of the water, which makes boat detailing an important thing to get done.

Truck Washing Experts is not limited to trucks, we also provide services for boats and our boat detailing services is one of the best you can find.

Top-Quality Boat Detailing on The Gold Coast

With the right boat detailing, you can restore your boat to its former glory no matter how long it has been left without proper cleaning.

In addition to trucks, Truck Washing Experts also caters to boats, and we have all the equipment and professionals with proper knowledge who can provide you with our services.

Say goodbye to all the underwater mess and exterior dirt and dust as we will make sure that your boat looks good as new once we are done with it.

Benefits of Boat Detailing

Boat detailing will get your boat looking great gain, and it can also ensure your investment lasts longer as you enjoy using it for several months or years to come.

With our boat detailing services, you get to keep your boat looking great as it is always best to welcome guests/clients aboard a clean vessel.

If you have plans on selling your boat, having it go through a boat detailing is a great way to add value to it to make the most out of the sale.

A cleaner boat is always best as boat detailing is a good way to remove any saltwater or barnacles that could potentially damage or stain the boat.

Services We Offer

Our boat detailing services include a wide variety of choices for you to bring your boat back to pristine condition.

• Rinsing any non-slip areas to remove any seawater that can cause damage to the deck

• A full wipe down of the boat, including floors and walls

• Engine bay degreasing

• Teak treatment of external timber areas

• Boat Trailer detailing

• Tender cleaning

• Dry docking of all sizes of boats is available

Interior Cleaning

• A thorough vacuum of the interior and furniture to remove any dust, food, and debris

Steam cleaning carpets and furniture

Cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchens, and work surfaces

• Cleaning and treating any leather and/or vinyl

• Cleaning the driving area

Why Choose Us For Your Boat Detailing And Cleaning?

We are fully insured and have qualified staff with years of experience that will be able to make sure your boat is completely cleaned and protected.

We use only the very best quality cutting compounds, treatments, and equipment on the market to ensure the services we provide exceed expectations.

Our competitive prices and full guarantee are second to none as we value providing you with a convenience that no one else offers.

With Our Services, You Won’t Need to Fish for Compliments

Boat detailing on the Gold Coast by The Truck Washing Experts will leave you and your shipmates satisfied with a boat that looks its best.

Not only will this give your boat a nicer appearance, but it also ensures that damage from being unclean is prevented, even in the future.

Don’t wait for another second, give us a call to schedule us for a boat clean and boat detail so keep it looking ship shape at all times.

Call 1300 927 428 to find out how we can assist you.

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