Helpful Tips for Detailing your Truck

As you know, DIY truck detailing will rarely get the same results as a professional truck detail.

Due to sheer size of a truck, truck detailing can be a long and laborious process but for those who do want to give it a go themselves, Truck Washing Experts share some tips here on how to detail your truck after you’ve washed it.

Be sure to detail your truck in a shady or undercover location. It is best to do truck detailing out of the direct heat and light of the sun as you will be working with wax and polishes and these compounds need to be applied to a cool surface.

External detail

Use a wax or polishing compound specifically made for truck use and apply it to the cab with a soft cloth.  Once it has dried and working in one section at time, gently polish off the wax in circular motions.

Using an alloy cleaner, polish tanks and any alloy trim on the truck using a soft clean cloth.

Detail metal rims with an appropriate wheel cleaner and wipe with a dry, soft cloth.

Spray tyres with a tyre cleaner and wipe off any excess.

Restore headlights and tail lights with a restoration kit.

Internal detail

Vacuum all areas inside the truck, including mats and hard to reach areas.

Clean the dashboard and door panels with an appropriate cleaner and soft cloth.

Polish mirrors and visors.

Deep steam clean the upholstery and/or rejuvenating any leather or plastic trims

Clean windows

As you can see there is a lot work and several different products that are needed to detail the inside and outside of the truck if you are doing it yourself.

Or, you can have the experts at Truck Washing Experts do the job for you which will save you valuable time and money!

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