Why Does my Truck Have Swirls and Scratches in the Paint Work?

If you’ve ever looked closely at the paintwork on your truck and noticed fine swirl marks and scratches on it, you are looking at what is called micro marring.

Micro marring commonly occurs in the truck washing process, whether that be an automated truck wash bay or a wash by hand, which leads to damage on the surface of the paintwork.

Truck washing and truck detailing is something you may assume any one can do but there is some science behind it and a level of expertise required to wash and detail your truck without damaging the paintwork.

If your truck has dark coloured paintwork the swirl marks may be more noticeable as the sides of the scratches reflect light and cause them to be more prominent.

Here, Truck Washing Experts share with our readers some tips on how to wash your truck properly to avoid swirls and scratches in your paintwork:

  • Hose your truck down first – Always hose your truck down before you wash to remove as much dirt, mud and grime as possible.
  • Use quality detergents – All detergents are not the same.  You should always use a reputable brand of truck washing detergent and one that is biodegradable to protect the environment.
  • Use wet cloths – Don’t use dry towels to wipe off dirt or dust, this is the quickest way to scratch your paintwork. After hosing your truck down, wet a clean cloth to use with the truck washing detergent.
  • Use proper techniques – Ensure you wash your truck methodically and thoroughly and if needed, wash and rinse off sections at a time. Wash the wheels and rims last to avoid transferring brake dust and road grime to your paintwork.
  • Dry properly – Remove any excess water from the truck with a clean chamois and be sure to wipe off the water thoroughly.  If needed, regularly rinse the chamois as you go.

If the time and energy needed to wash your truck looks like something you would prefer a professional to do, call Truck Washing Experts at 1300 927 428.

Our truck wash technicians will apply environmentally friendly detergent, use soft broom/hand washing techniques and finish off with hot high pressure water to make your truck sparkle.

We are level 6 Water Commission certified and proudly carry and supply our own water, providing yet another saving to you.

The Truck Washing Experts truck washing and truck detailing service is a convenient and cost-effective way to give a sparkling first impression.

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