How Truck Washing Experts can Save You Time and Money

Keeping a truck looking immaculate when it represents your business brand can be a hard task, particularly if you own more than one truck and you need your trucks on the road at all times. Truck Washing Experts are your one stop shop when it comes to all things truck washing and truck detailing.

By having our expert team clean and detail your truck or heavy machinery, you get your valuable time back whilst you also save money.

Truck Washing Experts can come to you at any Gold Coast, Brisbane or Ipswich location and we can come at a time that suits you.  If you prefer after hours or on weekends when your trucks downtime can be kept a minimum, we can accommodate!

Save time and Money with a Truck Washing Experts truck wash. This is how:

  • Time

You or drivers no longer need to waste valuable or chargeable time washing a fleet of trucks.

Your trucks are off the road for a shorter period of time with a professional truck wash which is quicker than a DIY truck wash and may be tax deductable.

No need to sit and wait in a queue at truck wash bay.

Your truck and heavy machinery is kept in a clean condition with a Truck Washing Experts clean and detail, leading to less breakdowns or mechanical failure due a build-up of dirt, debris and grime.

  • Money

A truck wash done by hand requires a lot of elbow grease and the purchase of several different products if you want to do the job properly. Truck Washing Experts provide all the necessary environmentally friendly products for a professional truck wash.

Truck Washing Experts use our own power and water.  This saves you the cost of providing electricity and water to wash your truck.

A DIY truck wash may not give you the best results so you could end up having to pay for a professional truck wash company to do it properly anyway.

  • Let the professionals take care of your truck washing

Truck Washing Experts can professionally clean a truck or a fleet of trucks, providing a quick, easy and affordable solution to your truck washing, truck detailing, fleet sanitisation and heavy machinery washing needs.

We pride ourselves on our great attention to detail, environmentally friendly products and our strong focus on customer service.

Truck Washing Experts professional truck wash and truck detail service is on hand to make your fleet look sparkling clean and professional as you or your team drive around the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Brisbane and beyond.

The friendly staff at Truck Washing Experts are on hand now. Call us on 1300 927 428 for all your truck washing, truck detailing, boat detailing, fleet sanitisation and heavy machinery washing requirements.