Tips to Keeping your Heavy Machinery Clean

Investing in heavy machinery is a very expensive exercise and it pays to keep your heavy machinery clean so it always running at its optimal level and ultimately earning you money.

Heavy machinery washing can be time consuming and laborious for the business owner or their workers, so Truck Washing Experts have the ideal solution to keeping your heavy machinery clean.

We offer a mobile, heavy machinery washing service where we come to you on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Ipswich and expertly wash your heavy machinery for you.

Here, we share some tips on how you can keep your heavy machinery clean in between your professional heavy machinery washing services with Truck Washing Experts to prolong the life of your machinery.

  • Check for leaks

Leakage of hydraulic fluid and oil is a common issue with heavy machinery. Check your heavy machinery periodically to detect any leaks of fluids or oils that are not only dirtying your machinery but could lead to mechanical breakdown.

Clean any leakages off your machinery as soon as possible so as not to cause corrosion or rust.

  • Keep the machine clean

Heavy machinery is by nature meant to used in harsh, dirty, muddy and dusty environments. Where possible hose down your heavy machinery to remove mud, dirt and particles from the outside of the machinery and tracks.

Be aware that high pressure water cleaners, when used in the wrong hands can actually cause damage to your heavy machinery and should be left to the experts.

  • Schedule regular heavy machinery washing

To keep your heavy machinery running at its best by removing dust, dirt particles and foreign objects from your heavy machinery, Truck Washing Experts recommend you schedule regular heavy machinery washing.

Not only does this maintain the exterior of your heavy machinery but keeps it running smoothly and efficiently, leading to less breakdowns and downtime, keeping your clients happy.


Heavy machinery washing can be very time consuming and laborious. Not to mention you are using your own water and chemicals.

Truck Washing Experts can come to you at a time that suits you. You’ll never need to delay a project again to clean your equipment as we are available after hours and on weekends!

We can come to your business premises, depot or the work site on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or Ipswich.

Our high-pressure cleaning system and nonhazardous chemicals, combined with our expertise, means that your heavy machinery will not only be left clean but in perfect working order.

So, do away with the stress trying to find time for your heavy machinery washing and call the Truck Washing Experts on 1300 927 428.

Talk to our professional and friendly team about setting up a regular heavy machinery washing schedule so your expensive investment will always look clean and run well.