Benefits of Mobile Truck Washing

Washing a fleet of trucks yourself can be time consuming, costly and exhausting. The Truck Washing Experts provide the perfect solution to your truck washing with a mobile truck washing service that brings our professional truck washing team to your door.

Here, Truck Washing Experts outline the benefits of a mobile truck washing service over trying to do it yourself:

  • Professional cleaning. The Truck Washing Experts have been providing high quality truck washing and truck detailing services for many years to many highly-satisfied clients.
  • We come to you. We are a completely mobile truck washing service and can wash and detail trucks on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas. We can come to your home, business, depot or work site.
  • We wash all types of trucks. We can clean garbage trucks, semi-trailers, prime movers, tankers, removalist trucks, B-doubles, fleet vehicles, courier trucks, privately owned trucks, caravans, motor homes, heavy machinery and more.
  • No mess. Our process has been refined and perfected to give you the best possible results. As we are mobile truck wash service we bring the water, products and labour to you. We divert all water away from the storm drains (a requirement by law) and leave the job site clean.
  • Saves you time. No longer do you or drivers need to queue at a truck wash bay or do you need to allocate hours of precious time to washing your fleet. We save you time by coming to you.
  • Environmentally friendly. We use high quality detergent products that are friendly to the environment.
  • We value safety. Having a squeaky clean truck aids visibility for other motorists so is safer on the roads.
  • We provide our own water and power. Our mobile units are completely self-sufficient storing our own water, power, cleaning detergents, high pressure cleaners and tools. We do not need to yours!
  • We offer after hours service. Our clients are very busy so our mobile service offers the convenience of after-hours and weekend truck washing.

  • Reliable. When you book in a mobile truck wash, Truck Washing Experts guarantee to be there. We have built a solid reputation on being punctual and professional.
  • Broad service area. Our mobile truck washing services are available for clients throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

After reading all the benefits above, it seems you would be mad to attempt to wash your fleet yourself.

Save yourself the stress, time and of course money by having the Truck Washing Experts take care of your truck washing.

We can do a one-off wash or set up a regular truck washing schedule so your fleet will always be gleaming and offer truck detailing so your truck will stay cleaner for longer.

With great attention to detail, environmentally friendly products and a strong focus on customer service, we strive to give your company as superior truck wash every time.

So, call Truck Washing Experts today on 1300 927 428 for quick, easy and affordable solutions for your truck washing and truck detailing.