The Benefits of Fleet Sanitation

If you are in the business of food transportation, to be compliant with Australian Food Standards you need to sanitise your trucks to protect consumers.

Strict guidelines are in place that set out the requirements for food transportation and fleet sanitisation so that food transport companies to remain compliant.

Superior Fleet Sanitisation

The Truck Washing Experts specialise in mobile fleet sanitisation as we understand you are always on the move and so we need to be too. We can come to a location that is convenient to you, whether that be at your Gold Coast, Brisbane or Ipswich depot, residence or on site.

A Truck Washing Experts fleet sanitisation service means the interior of your truck including walls, floors and ceiling, along with the exterior of your truck, will be meticulously cleaned using a high pressure hot water wash and only certified products.

Any oil, dust, dirt, dangerous chemicals, germ and foreign matter that can interfere with food safety will be removed.

Not only will your food transport fleet be fully compliant with our fleet sanitisation service that exceeds safety standards, but your drivers will also benefit with a safer environment.

Your Reputation and Ours

If you are in the food transport industry your reputation for a compliant and sanitised fleet is essential. That’s why you can bank on our reputation for having hygiene and safety at the forefront of our fleet sanitisation services.

Scheduled fleet sanitisation can be tailored to suit your business with services able to be completed after hours or on weekends so there is little disruption to your fleet.

You can rely on Truck Washing Experts to meet your fleet sanitisation requirements.

Call Truck Washing Experts today on 1300 927 428 and speak to the professionals about scheduling fleet sanitisation services for your Gold Coast, Brisbane or Ipswich food transport company.