An Overhaul of Long-haul Means Time is Precious

When the Queensland Government looked at truck drivers and the hours worked they saw a direct correlation with the amount of accidents and fatalities in the industry. Something had to change, and an overhaul of legislation was needed for safety reasons.

In 2014 the legislation brought in new and tougher rules for the industry, this reduced their hours worked and implemented mandatory breaks. Truck drivers were now told they must count their work and rest periods in a specific way to be compliant with the government legislation.

Whilst driving is the main part of their job, work time for a truck driver also includes; loading and unloading of the vehicle, refuelling, completing their log book and inspecting, repairing, maintaining and cleaning the vehicle.

With so many restrictions on the time a driver can work, it makes sense that you try and avoid giving them any unnecessary work hours. That’s where The Truck Washing Experts come in, we can clean your fleet on our time.

But what if the truck driver cleans the truck on private property or at home?

This is still considered work and will still count as hours worked.

So why the strict guidelines?

Fatigue is a common killer and one that can affect anyone at any time, truck drivers have more of a responsibility due to the size and potential damage their truck can cause. Drivers that are not compliant can face heavy fines and demerit points.

The Truck Washing Experts can come to your home, depot, or anywhere that is convenient across Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Why take your truck driver off the road, when the Truck Washing Experts can come and clean your trucks and give your driver the downtime they need.

Why use The Truck Washing Experts?

  • We will clean your truck perfectly, whereas a truck driver may not have the tools and time to get premium results.
  • We reduce downtime for your driver, by washing the truck on their downtime, you can be assured your driver is well rested before getting back on the road.
  • We use only the best products, that won’t damage your truck.

So, when you want your fleet looking its best and you still want your drivers’ time fully utilised, give The Truck Washing Experts a call, we can come to you across Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.