Washing the Truck Yourself? Here’s Some Tips for You

It’s a good Sunday morning and you decide to wash your own truck. But you surely aren’t spending all your day just for a ‘good-enough’ job. You want to do it properly and efficiently. Clean haphazardly and the task takes much longer, you run the risk of scratching the finish, streaking the surface, and leaving the body vulnerable to rust.

So, here are some tips to help you wash your truck and ensure the vehicle’s body comes out looking great.

Consider the weather: Never wash a vehicle in the hot sun or after a long drive. Introducing cold water on your hot brake rotors may cause them to warp. Also, the cool water may cause the hot body to contract, which can crack the paint and ruin the finish.

Get the surface clean: Before you wash the car, hose it down to get rid of the surface dustUse cold or lukewarm water and a hose rather than a bucket of water to wet and rinse the car. A bucket holds a finite amount of water. As you rinse out your rag or sponge, the dirt is transferred to the water and back to the rag.

Use a different brush / sponge for wheels: The wheels are usually far dirtier than the rest of your car, and you do not want to rub that dirt all over your paint. You should not need any special wheel cleaner, the same soapy car washing soap is good to use.

Use gentle cleansers: Use a commercial car-washing product, not laundry or dish soap or detergent, which can remove the wax and other protective finishes from the surface.

Apply exterior protection: Applying either wax or sealant on the truck’s paint to retain the shine and preserve the paint finish, would be the last step on of the process. You can choose either a pure wax or sealant or combination of both. Just be sure to use a non-abrasive wax or sealant.

Start from the top down: Starting from the top will help with rinsing and not have you wasting water by going over the same section twice. It’s a good idea to also wash in sections, roof, hood, trunk, sides, etc. This way you can be sure to touch up any missed spots. Also, that way soap scum and sludge don’t muck up freshly washed areas.

Dry the exterior. Drying is the most time consuming process in cleaning the truck. However, there are some ways to make the task faster, with the help of some tools. You can air dry the whole car by using a leaf blower or pressurized air. After air drying, you can use a microfiber towel to wipe the excess water.

A dirty truck can create a bad first impression on hundreds of potential customers. You might choose to do it yourself, or to get the best result, if you might seek professional assistance. Truck Washing Expert provides a truck washing service which can ensure the ultimate result and can potentially save you money! Visit truckwashingexperts.com.au or call 1300 927 428 if you need a professional cleaning service.