Top 5 Questions you Should Ask your Truck Detailer

Professional truck washing and truck detailing can be a rewarding experience as a customer if you choose the right truck washing and truck detailing company.

Whenever we seek to employ a company to take care of a service for us, we tend to do some due diligence to ensure we are about to engage a reputable and experience company.

Same goes with trusting your very expensive truck or piece of heavy machinery to a company for your truck washing or truck detailing.  The last thing you need is damage to your truck from inexperienced or unscrupulous truck washing company.

Here, Truck Washing Experts share 5 questions you should ask your truck detailing company before you give them green light to go ahead.

  • How long have they been in the industry?

Ideally, you are seeking a company that can boast a good length of time in the truck wash and truck detail industry so you know you are dealing with a professional.

Look for a company that has a high customer satisfaction rating and can go above and beyond to get your job done at a time and place that suits you.

  • What types of trucks can they detail?

An experienced truck wash and truck detail company should be able to service a broad customer base by being able to wash and detail a large number of truck types.

  • Are they insured?

At the very least, your proposed truck detailer should hold Public liability, motor vehicle and WorkCover insurance.

  • Do they adopt environmentally-friendly practices?

Is the truck wash and truck detail company environmentally aware? What sort of cleaning products do they use and what is their policy for water use?

  • Does the customer have to supply cleaning products, power or water?

Be aware as a client, you really should not be required to provide any cleaning products, tools, power or water for a truck wash or truck detail.

Why you should choose Truck Washing Experts:

  1. We’ve been in the industry for over 4 years.
  2. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich
  3. We complete services during business hours, after hours and on weekends at a time that suits our clients.
  4. We are fully insured, holding all relevant Public Liability, motor vehicle and WorkCover insurances to protect our clients and our staff.
  5. We are level 6 Water Commission certified.
  6. We use only certified products to carry out fleet sanitisation.
  7. We use environmentally friendly, bio-degradable detergents.
  8. We divert all water away from storm drains as required by law.
  9. We supply our own cleaning products, specialist cleaning equipment, power and hot water.
  10. We can wash anything from garbage trucks, semi-trailers, prime movers, tankers, removalist trucks, B-doubles, fleets vehicles, courier trucks, privately-owned trucks, caravans, motor homes to heavy machinery and more!

When you are looking to engage a truck washing company, now you can look no further than Truck Washing Experts.

We are a fully equipped, mobile truck/boat/motorhome/heavy machinery washing and detailing business that brings the water, products and labour to you!

So, rely on the industry professionals at Truck Washing Experts for your next truck wash and or truck detail.

Call us now on 1300 927 428 for a one-off service or to schedule regular fleet washing and detailing for your trucks.