Tips to Cleaning Heavy Equipment

Whether you are washing your heavy equipment yourself, or are looking for a pressure washing contractor, you might be wondering what exactly the best method to get it all clean is.

Heavy machinery washing is imperative for optimal performance, but in reality it needs to be done carefully and properly. So, here are some tips to help complete the job properly and efficiently.

Regular cleaning goes a long way

One of the simplest solutions for taking care of your heavy equipment also happens to be one of the most important: keep your equipment squeaky clean.

Set a schedule for pressure washing your equipment to remove hardened mud and grease build-up; create a separate schedule for additional cleaning procedures like replacing filters and cleaning your engine.

Get the grease first

Grease, over time will begin to harden, so it’s necessary to scrape it off areas around knuckles and on booms. Dried parts cannot be washed with only high pressure. You need to degrease it first with a suitable cleaner. Usually it takes more time than the actual washing process.

Hot or cold: Which way to go?

Hot water pressure washing has advantages over cold water cleaning. Hot water can break down dirt, grease and oil by itself. Adding good high pressure soap can then be more efficient, allowing you to use less, and reducing the amount of runoff, water used, and the soap on the ground, which is always better for the local environment.

Powering off dirt and grease with cold water takes much longer to achieve a satisfactory result and again, uses much more degreaser and soap.

Keep your tracks clean

Keep your tracks as clean as you can between equipment cleaning. Otherwise heavily compacted mud and vegetation in and around the tracks of a machine will make the cleaning job harder.

Purchasing heavy machineries is a big investment. So, if you are someone who wants to extend their equipment’s working lifespan to its maximum limit, contact the Truck Washing Experts. Our high-pressure cleaning system and nonhazardous chemicals, combined with our expertise, means that your heavy machinery will not only be left clean but in perfect working order.