Everything you Need to Know About Auto Detailing

To stay fit and running, your car will need a bit more than just a regular car wash. And this is where auto detailing makes its grand entrance. Auto detailing includes polishing and waxing the exterior, and as the name suggests, pays more attention to detail. It also includes vacuuming and steam cleaning the interior and polishing every surface that can be polished. If client opts for it, engine can also be steamed, degreased, and coated with a nice finishing polish to put the shine back on.

Exterior detailing

The usual process of Exterior Detailing involves vacuuming, restoring, and cleaning of the exterior constituents of a vehicle, such as tires, windows and wheels, among other visible components. Products include but are not limited to: polishes, wax, detergents and degreasers.

Washing and Drying: The car is first sprayed with specialised high-powered spray, and then all exterior parts (e.g. rims of the car, door jambs, glass) are thoroughly hand washed.

Claying: There can be small impurities like, traces of overspray and other residue that cannot be removed with normal detergents. Hence a clay bar is used to remove those.

Polishing and Sealing:  Through polishing the original polish of the vehicle is restored and then a sealant is applied to give the car a glossy shine, in some cases, wax can be used too.

Along with these exterior services, trim repainting, engine detailing, headlight polishing, engine pressure cleaning, bumper repair, glass chip repair and paint touch up can also be done.

Interior detailing

Interior detailing is about cleaning the inner parts of a vehicle such as, leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fibre plastics and natural fibres. To clean the interior cabinet, different techniques such as steam-cleaning and vacuuming are used.

Vacuuming: The first step to cleaning the interior of a car includes vacuuming seats, headliners, rear cargo area, trunk and shelf. As for the difficult areas that cannot be reached using a vacuum, an air compressor can be used.

Brushing and Steam Cleaning: This is used to clean carpets and mats. Thorough scrubbing is done on the mats in order to remove any stains and blemishes that may have accumulated. To be more effective, steam-cleaning could also be used.

Glass Cleaning: This ensures that the glass remains sparkling and ensures the driver’s view is not obstructed.

Leather Trimming: All the leather parts in a car is cleaned and dried in this step. Leather cleaner, saddle soap and leather soap are used to clean all the leather parts.

Re-Vacuuming and Wiping: Re-Vacuuming removes any dirt left in the interior cabin. Dashboards and windows are wiped with a clean cloth using a cleaning detergent.

Perfuming: Finally, to leave the car with a good scent, a deodorant is used in the car.

Regular auto detailing adds value to your car and also makes it look attractive despite the number of years it has been used. At Truck Washing Experts, we provide quality service for auto cleaning and detailing. So, if you want to have the ultimate fleet detailing experience, contact us today.