Care Tips to Keep your Boat Looking Great

Since a boat is exposed to wind, water and sun, it experiences a great deal of wear and tear. This article shares some smart tips and products to help preserve the function and aesthetic appeal of sailing vessels.

Regular maintenance: Saltwater can easily cause the metal bits of your boat start corroding. That is why washing your boat once a fortnight is a good idea. For regular cleanings, don’t use harsh chemicals or commercial boat washes – opt for some basic washing material and fresh, clean water instead.

Waxing: Regular maintenance will keep your boat up and running for a longer time, but to restore it back to its almost new state, there is better alternative than to wax it once in a while. Harsh sun can do a number on your boat, so if your area has such weather, waxing every 3-6 months is necessary to keep it protected from UV rays.

Check for rust: Regularly check every steel fitting for rust. And if you find some, don’t put off dealing with it – attack it immediately and hand polish it until it’s gone.

Airing out: Mould is a serious threat for your boat in humid environment. If you are in one, ventilation covers will help; regular airing out (at least once a week) will help even more.

Keep cover and clears clean: Rinse and air your boat cover frequently to avoid mildewing or damage from the salt water; undamaged covers keep your boat in better nick and smell a lot better!

Rinse and cover the helm: Components of your boat’s helm will deteriorate when exposed to UV rays or salt. After using your boat, rinse off the helm with fresh water, use a clean chamois to dry it off, then cover it.

Teak decking: Teak decks are beautiful, but they do need special care that might not be obvious if you’re used to dealing with other wood types. Keep them clean so that dirt and mould doesn’t build up. Don’t use a pressure cleaner or hard-bristled scrubbing brush on teak – ever. A pressure cleaner can actually blast some of the softer wood fibres out of the timber, leaving an uneven surface that will look bad and eventually need to be fixed.

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