5 Questions to Ask Before Having your Vehicle Detailed

If you are handing over your vehicle to a professional auto detailer, there are a few things you need to know about the process to make sure you have a thorough understanding of what to expect when all is said and done. To help simplify the process, consider asking the following questions.

  1. Are you insured? Accidents can happen any time for any reason. And because your vehicle is a huge investment, it’s important to know that it remains protected even outside of your possession. A professional should have information available to you if you have questions on what their insurance does or does not cover.
  2. What if I am not satisfied with the result? It’s simple. You are hiring a professional for their skills and the result need to show it. You should feel amazed and awed that that indeed is your car. A good detailing company should be confident enough with their service and provide warranty for their work. That gives you, the customer, a feeling of ownership and satisfaction in the overall service provided.
  3. What does the service include? Vehicle detailing includes a big range of services, so to remove any confusion, ask and learn exactly what services you are going to get for the amount you paid.  Also, many detailers offer different detailing options and you should be aware of the difference and why you should consider one service over the other. Knowing your options can help you make the right decision for your car so you can be excited about the final result.
  4. Do you use an automatic wash or hand wash? Automatic car washes are fast, convenient and easy to use, while a professional hand wash take more time but gives a more detailed clean that can remove grime from those hard-to-reach places.
  5. How much experience do you have? Auto detailing is an intricate workHarsh cleaning solutions, protective coatings and high-pressure machinery are all used in a quality detail to make your car shine and look brand new. However, if a technician is not trained properly, the detail could have the opposite effect and actually damage your car.

Ultimately, whatever detailer you choose should be open and upfront about their services, experience and car care. Truck Washing Experts provide quality services for truck washing and fleet detailing. You are welcome to visit our website and study our previous works. Also if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly team of Truck Washing Expert.