Your vehicle and staff represent your company, and as the saying goes: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” When potential customers see a neatly presented truck and driver, it projects a good brand image. But what does a dirty truck say about your company?

The Benefits Of Truck Detailing

There are some surprising benefits to getting your truck detailed. With truck drivers spending so many hours in a truck, it’s not surprising that food, drinks and dirt can be left behind, which is an open invite for bacteria and mould to flourish.

The Truck Washing Experts can perform truck detailing to keep the interior of your trucks looking clean and reduce harmful bacteria build-up.

Safety first – a dirty truck can lead to poor visibility. Maintaining your truck with regular truck washing and truck detailing means that you are providing the best possible tools of the trade for your workforce.

When stepping out of a detailed truck, the truck driver can be confident that they are portraying the best company image. Also, your customers will be able to see that you take pride in your work.

A Thoroughly Washed And Detailed Truck Is A Mobile Advert For You
Detailing your trucks provides a clean interior for the driver and a healthy image for potential clients.

Our mobile truck cleaning and purification service in Brisbane, Ipswich and on the Gold Coast includes:

  • Tank and alloy polishing
  • De-tar, machine cut and polish of cabs

  • Restoring headlights and tail lights

  • Vacuuming all areas of the truck, including cracks and hard to reach areas
  • Cleaning the dashboard, door panels, mirrors and visors
  • Choice of silicon/non-silicon products
  • Deep steam cleaning upholstery and/or rejuvenating all leather and plastic
  • All windows cleaned
  • Rubbish removal
  • Air filtration to kill bacteria and remove smells
  • Rust proofing
  • Paint protection

Truck Detailers That Come To You

The Truck Washing Experts come to you. We deliver the best truck detailing and washing service available. Coming to your work place, depot or home, we can reduce downtime by working around your schedule.

Let the Truck Washing Experts bring some sparkle to your business.