Heavy machinery is an expensive investment and one that needs to be looked after if you want to prolong its lifespan.

While regular maintenance is an obvious way to keep your heavy machinery in good working order, do not underestimate the benefit of a thorough heavy machinery wash. Maintaining the exterior of your machinery is vital to keeping it working smoothly and efficiently.

When dirt, dust and other materials work their way into your machinery, they are liable to cause serious damage over time. By conducting regular heavy machinery washing, you can prevent build-up and avoid downtime from breakdowns. Machine breakdowns during a critical part of a project can slow progress and leave your customer with a bad impression.

Heavy Machinery Washing Can Be Time Consuming

Heavy machinery washing is imperative for optimal performance, but in reality it needs to be planned and scheduled carefully. Instructions needs to be closely followed to ensure the process is carried out correctly.

Contact the Truck Washing Experts, and we can arrange to come to you at a time that suits you. Why delay a project to clean your equipment when we are available after hours and on weekends?

Our high-pressure cleaning system and nonhazardous chemicals, combined with our expertise, means that your heavy machinery will not only be left clean but in perfect working order.

Don’t Risk A Heavy Machinery Wash Going Wrong

High pressure washers used without consulting the manufacturer’s guide can do more harm than good. Our Truck Washing Experts are on-hand to alleviate your stress, and we come to you!

Looks Aren’t Everything, But A Heavy Machinery Wash Can Make All The Difference

Heavy machinery is a hefty investment and it can be important for clients to see it well-looked after. So if you feel like it’s time to get your heavy machinery washed, call the Truck Washing Experts on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich – we are on hand to make light of even the heaviest of cleans.