Whether you need to clean the car out to pick up friends, family or clients, or you just take pride in your wheels, call The Truck Washing Experts.

The Truck Washing Experts aren’t just about washing trucks, we have the equipment, products and know-how to make your car gleam too.

Your Car Is A Big Investment; A Car Detail Can Protect Your Investment.

Your car is usually the second most valuable investment after your home, so it pays dividends to look after it, with a regular car wash and car detail you can keep that new car look, feel and smell for longer.

Selling Your Car? Add Value With A Thorough Car Detail On The Gold Coast, Ipswich Or Brisbane

A car detail from The Truck Washing Experts can make your car look like new.

Full pre-sale details of exterior and interior

A Mobile Car Detailing Service That Comes To You On The Gold Coast, Ipswich And Brisbane Making It The Cleanest Way To Do The Dirtiest Job.

If you are on the Gold Coast, Ipswich, or Brisbane areas and you want to revive your car inside and out, call the Truck Washing Experts.

Our car detailing service includes a three-step machine cut and polish. Our professional car detailers use only the best products and methods to wash and polish your car.

Step one – Is a thorough car wash to remove dirt, dust, and blemishes.

Step two – A full 2 step machine cut with superior compounds

Step Three – We add a dura coat, a high-performance paint protectant that will retain the clean, shine and polish of your car for longer.

For a premium finish, you can get the additional Nano Ceramic Pain Protection, which is the strongest and most reliable on the market. Not only will your car look great, water beads off it like its waterproof, retaining the great work we’ve done whilst protecting your car’s paint work.

Our Car Detailing Is Second To None, Because We Have A Passion For Detail

When you’re in your Sunday best or you’re heading to that important meeting, why sit in your dirty car in a clean suit? Our car detailing service on the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane can get the inside of your car looking and smelling like new.

We come to you!

  • We clear out any rubbish, and do a thorough vacuum all through removing any loose dirt, dust and debris.
  • We deodorized your upholstery or treat your leather, depending on your seat material.
  • We polish all surfaces, ensuring they are cleaned and polished to perfection.

After Your Car Detail, Why Not Treat Yourself You A Few Added Extras

  • Maintain your engine with a thorough engine bay clean.
  • On the Gold Coast, we enjoy the beautiful sea breezes, however the same breeze can cause rust to your car. We can help prevent this by rust proofing your car. We treat the most common areas for rusting, mainly around the chassis, the door trims and all those places that rust tends to gather.
  • Get your alloy wheels cleaned and polished. Your alloy wheels collect a lot of dirt on a daily basis, but once cleaned and polished can a whole new dimension to your car.
  • Engine bay degreasing and cleaning
  • Headlight and tail light restoration

Car Detailing On The Gold Coast, Ipswich And Brisbane For Individuals And Corporates.

We specialize in all sorts of cars, we can look after you as an individual or a fleet if needed;

  • Limousines
  • Taxis and Uber cars
  • 4WD’s
  • Car yards
  • And much more….

Call 1300 927 428  or Get A Free Quote to book your car detail on the Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane today.